Chronology of the Heir Community

After the decease of the Begum in 1836, all documents were confiscated and brought to London .

1.       1856: 1st call for heirs to come forward in Tirol

2.       1872, May 11: 2nd call for the heirs to come forward after the verdict of the Privy Council, in the German Reich

3.       1889 –1909: 1st documented and proved contact with London

4.       After 1909: Lina Martini, General Assignee of the Heir Community is in London provided with all certificates and documents. Lawyer Herbert Oppenheimer represented the heirs in London . He determined that:

a.       The inheritance, money and estate is still available

b.      The Eisenberger Bloodline is the lawful heir

c.       The English Government agrees to hand out the inheritance or to give a comparable settlement.

5.       1914 to 1918 Interruption of the negotiations for the duration of WWI

6.       After 1920: Reorganization of the entitled heirs and their bloodlines.

7.       1928: Negotiations take place directly with the British Crown. The British Crown offered a comparison in the amount of 20 million Gold Mark under the condition all heirs will move their residency to England . This comparison was not assumed of, because of unacceptable demands of the English crown.

8.       After 1930: Continuing efforts to claim the inheritance.

9.       1939: Interruptions of the negotiations for the duration of WWII. The dictators of the “Dritte Reich” discontinued the claim in December 1939. Their reasons:

a: Research and inquiry work in this matter “wouldn’t be war necessities” and

b:“follow-up with England in this matter during the war would not be possible anyways”.

10.   After 1950: Formation of several Bloodlines of the heir communities: among others the        “Dillenburger Bloodline”, the “Odenwaelder (Taunus) Bloodline”, the “Eisenberger Bloodline”, the “Wuerzburger Bloodline” as well as Bloodlines in Austria and the USA.

11.   Also, former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer followed the inheritance claims in the years 1955 and `56. This was covered by a report in the Koblenz Newspaper.

12.   1956-1957: Inheritance claims were discontinued in all bloodlines due to financial problems and difficulties in obtaining original documents. Heirs wanted to claim the inheritance through the jurisdiction. The court required payments for more than 5 Million! Deutsch Mark in advance to process the claim. A corresponding report was published in the magazine Quick in 1957. From the total volume of 15 Reinhard Files, which existed before the war, only 7 were recovered and brought back to the political archives. All 7 files were stored in England until they were brought back to Germany after the war was over.

13.   1991: 3rd Call for heirs to come forward, by Ilka Reinhard and Lawyer Bernd Haber, in the TV Show “Schreinemarker’s Live”.

14.   June 1992: Formation of a new Community in the interests of proceeding in the inheritance claim. The Community was formed in Weinheim/Bergstrasse.

15.   March 5, 1994: Constituted meeting of the “Reinhard’s Erbengemeinschaft (Reinhard Heir Community)” with 105 registered members.

Aim: Union of all earlier existing heir communities, to avoid any further fragmentations. Main tasks are the completion of the pedigree documents, the search of other entitled heirs, obtaining original documents or notarized/certified copies of such and to claim the inheritance and its settlement.

16.   1995: International heirs call in the TV Show “Boulevard Deutschland” by the executive board chairman Manfred Weishaar and the lawyer representing the heir community, Bernd Haber.

The inheritance volume was proposed to be approximately 55.5 Million Gold Mark, in 1923. Heir communities in the 50’s (1953) suggested a resulting inheritance volume of 18 Billion Deutsch Mark.

Today, the members of the “Reinhards Erbengemeinschaft” are located all over the world and work at their common goal.